Using Lavalier Mics

Using Lavalier Mics Create Some Unique Challenges.  Here Are Some Useful Tips.

Decide whether it will be necessary to conceal the microphone element.

For news-type interviews and information presentations, concealing is not usually necessary. If you are using the mic in a theatrical presentation, you may need to conceal the microphone and the transmitter.

If the mic does not need to be concealed, clip it to the presenter’s clothing in such a way that it will not be obscured by other clothing, hair or presentation materials.

If the mic can not be clipped in a central location (on a tie perhaps) put it on a lapel on the side of the person’s mouth that they will most likely turn towards if speaking to a second person.

Clip the tranmsitter onto a belt, slip it into a pocket or clip it to clothing in a way that will prevent it from being sat on or pushed too tightly against furniture.

If possible, route the cable from the mic to the transmitter in such a way that it can’t catch on furniture or cause a distraction for the presenter.

If the mic needs to be concealed, first determine what costumes, wigs, glases, etc. the performer will be wearing.

Choose a mic location as close to the performer’s mouth as possible. Possible locations include attached to eyeglasses, embedded in a wig, and attached with an elastic band just above the hair line.

If the mic must be attached to clothing, do it in a manner that insures that it will not be obscured by other clothing, props or wigs.

If possible, observe the performer in action before choosing a mic location, to insure that action between players will not cause physical contact to the mic.

Once the mic location is determined, route the cable from the mic to the transmitter under clothing to a location where the transmitter can be easily reached if a battery change is required. is your source for Shure SM Series dynamic microphones.
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